Breastfeeding and Progesterone therapy

by Emily


I have a few questions in regards to using natural Progesterone cream. Let me give a little background so everyone can see the full picture. I had irregular periods as a teenager and was put on birth control pills at age 17 to induce periods every month. By age 26, I started to realize that this was NOT healthy and that I should try to get my body to do what it's supposed to do on it's own. I got off the BC pills and by month 3, I had my first cycle without BC in years. I felt very hormonally imbalanced. I cleaned up my diet and lifestyle and still just felt off hormonally. Mostly with my mood. I would have bouts of foggy headedness and anxiety. I started taking Maca which seemed to help some.

By age 28, i had come across Progesterone cream at a health food shop 2.7% and started it on days 16-28 or until a period started. I felt more balanced and happy! I decided to see a bio-identical hormone MD. She ran a full hormone panel via 24 hour urine and my Progesterone was extremely low, estrogens were in normal range and testosterone was low. She wanted to put me on compounded Progesterone cream 30mg on days 16-28 and also a compounded testosterone cream vaginally. I used this for about 2 years but got to the point where I felt better using the healthfood store version versus the compounded. I'm not sure my dosage, I would just lather about a 1/2-1tsp at morning and at bedtime.

Well at age 30, my husband and I found out we were expecting! We were so excited and surprised! I also found out that I had a uterine abnormality. I have a wall that separates my uterus into two sides. My OB wanted to put me on synthetic progestin shots and I asked if i could lather natural Progesterone cream throughout pregnancy and he do unltrasounds every two weeks to check for cervical changes. He agreed! So I used Progesterone cream the entire pregnancy and felt AMAZING! Pregnancy was beautiful without any complications! When I delivered, I got off Progesterone and my milk came in on day 4. I have successfully breast fed my sweet baby boy now for 13m but I have to say I have felt so hormonally off this entire postpartum year. Tired, anxious, worried about things I shouldn't worry about. It's like my mind is on overdrive.

I have started seeing a functional MD who specialises in nutrition and hormones and she said that she wouldn't do any Progesterone until I stopped breastfeeding but I don't see that coming anytime soon and would really like hear y'alls opinion on starting the Progesterone back. Also, what dosage?? I have read so many conflicting dosages. Some say postpartum only 15-20mg (John lee) and then 200mg?

Which Progesterone cream is best??

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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