In need of Natpro

by Terrie
(Monroe, LA)

Wray, went to order Natpro and it was "out of stock". I received an e-mail letting me know if was back in stock. Two days later when I went to place my order it was "out of stock" AGAIN. That has been about 6 days ago the last time. Is there someone, or a local store, in my Monroe, LA area that I can order from? If not, any idea when it will be back in stock? Thanks.

Hi Terrie I'm so sorry about this, we think it must be something to do with 'Sandy' delaying shipments to our fulfilment house. I have made enquiries with our shipping department, but they tell me they're offline! I do know at the moment stock is going out as fast as it goes in. We are trying to keep up, but it's always a fine balance between supply and demand. I also asked them if we ship to a distributor in the Monroe, LA area and we don't. But they did think that stock would be in anytime now. Take care Wray

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Apr 18, 2013
Out of stock ??
by: juliee

I can not find anywhere to order natpro from. I am , like most everyone else, MISERABLE and desperate to lather this stuff on. I hope its the light at the end of the tunnel but when will it be in stock ??
Thanks so much,
how do I find an answer, will I get an email ? Ive submitted a few other questions regarding my levels and never got a response, Im thinking its because Wray, you are in high demand my friend.
Thanks so much for caring

Apr 19, 2013
Out of stock ??
by: Wray

Hi Juliee I'm as dismayed as you by the stock out. It's a combination of things, not least trying to keep up with demand. We've had more people ordering our box of 20 tubes than we'd anticipated, this depletes stock very quickly. More is on it's way to the fulfilment house, and I can only hope it'll get there soon. I'm sorry you say I haven't answered your other questions, but I can't find any 'Juliee' on our site, I've looked via the search facility. Maybe you sent it via another means? Thanks so much for the kind words, in spite of no stock! I do get lots of queries, in fact I've got one of our distributors helping me now as I couldn't cope. Please contact Julienne via her website here, I know she has stock.

Oct 14, 2014
should i get more projest for now
by: terrie

really want to try natpro but stockout. I take projest and am feeling somewhat normal again it was your site that hit home for me.i am about out of projest and really don't want to order anymore but I finally am getting through estrogen dominance what do you think will it be a long time for natpro to replenish its stock. by the way thank you I feel like you were sent to me I was in really bad shape thank you...

Oct 16, 2014
should i get more projest for now
by: Wray

Hi Terrie Bless you for the kind words. I know we are expecting more stock in any minute, but we don't know when. I would ask you to continue checking the website, I've just checked and it's not in yet. We had a major stock out a few weeks back, and we are still recovering from that. People tend to buy more cream to cover a future one we've found, which of course depletes the stock even more. We are hoping to get the situation under control soon, it doesn't do my nerves any good! Take care Wray

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