Dilemma over hormones

by Maree

My dilemma is as follows. Age 53 and cannot ever be given artifical/drug horomones of any kind due to thrombosis after child birth when I was 24. Up until about this last year periods were clockwork around beginning of every month. After a massive automobile crash, huge injuries everything has gone off balance! I have been told that I have high levels of Oestrogen and that Progesterone is flat on its back, so I am told. I can give you percentages if you wish. My symptoms are as follows: almost constant bloating abdomen, almost constant headaches, temperature fluctuating a lot, not really hot flushes, sometimes very cold. Scans show a 3-4cm fibroid on right ovary and same in uterus, MRI results not back just ultra sound. I do not want a hysterectomy etc. My dilemma is now that I have my first 3 tubes delivered today of Natpro, how do I use them taking into account that I do not now know when a period will take place. How therefore do I start to use this product when I do not seem to fall into any of your categories for usage ? Can you please help and advise.

Other symptoms are a general feeling of not being well, tired a lot of the time and now apparently able to stay awake all night. I have never sufferend with insomnia, but this has become a huge feature and the tiredness is building to exhaustion, confusion, frustration and more !

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