Allergy to prgesterone

by Pilar

You are very irresponsible when you affirm that the allergy to progesterone consists mainly of water retention. This allergy can kill you! you can have an anaphylactic shock! and the symptoms vary from water retention to mayor pneumonitis, hives, anemia and a LARGE etc. You should aware people of these things. It's OK if you say progesterone is good for many things, but you have to say as well that it can be very dangerous for certain women, particularly to those who have had PMS and other hormonal problems. Many hormonal problems are, at the end of the day, allergy to progesterone!
So be careful and thoughtful and straight this out!

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Nov 17, 2012
by: Karenina

Dear Pilar,

I have many allergies including allergic asthma and I have never been allergic to the Natpro progesterone cream! The ingredients are so gentle and organic it is almost impossible to be allergic to it. Wray is an amazing woman and it hurts me to hear you talk to her in this way...she has helped thousands of women including myself! So please talk to her with some respect. Take care. Karenina

Nov 18, 2012
Allergy to prgesterone
by: Wray

Hi Pilar Thank you for the cautionary note, but I can assure you there is no danger to using progesterone. It's been used successfully for over 60 years now by many doctors, therapists and of course the patients themselves. If you care to read through this site, you'll notice I always give studies to back up what I say. I have never once said that progesterone can cause an allergic reaction, it doesn't. Progesterone has never given anyone an anaphylactic shock, if it did all pregnant women would get them, plus all the other things you mention, as we make over 400ng/ml in the third trimester of pregnancy. In the many instances it's used in high amounts, all these would suffer too, but they don't. The men given over 1200mg/day via IV transfusion for Traumatic Brain Injury, the women with post natal psychosis that received 2400mg/day from Dr Dalton, see here, the women who have recurrent miscarriages, or undergo IVF who receive 200-600mg/day, see Pregnancy. It's excellent for PMS, as it's the withdrawal of progesterone at the end of the cycle which causes the adverse symptoms. So no, it's not an allergy to progesterone which causes hormonal problems, but a lack of it which causes them. Take care Wray

Nov 18, 2012
by: Wray

Hi Karenina Bless you as always! I must admit to being a bit taken aback by her comments. If only she had taken the time to read all the stories on the site of women who have been helped. All the studies showing it's benefits and safety too, instead of lashing out like that. Take care and hugs, Wray

Mar 22, 2024
Listen to people's concerns
by: Anonymous

Progesterone is NOT safe for everyone and the lady is correct to be concerned.
You are promoting a dangerous product without a thought to what she said
Shame on you for brushing off her concerns.
The women on here are suffering from mass formation psychosis believing their issues will be solved by some miracle cream.

Mar 25, 2024
Listen to people's concerns
by: Justine

The bio-identical progesterone used in some creams has the identical molecular structure to that which your own body makes. It is an essential endogenous steroid that is vital for the balanced and healthy functioning of the body.

If however you are referring to progestogens or progestins then we do agree with you as these have had their molecular structure purposefully altered and are not identical to natural progesterone, they do not have the same molecular structure as the progesterone our own bodies make and they can be dangerous to use, as you may see in the many research papers referenced across this website.

Many people seem to not understand the difference between bio-identical progesterone and the drugs produced by drug companies that do not use bio-identical progesterone but rather the altered progestogens or progestins and yet sell it as progesterone, so this can be misleading.

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