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Progesterone Therapy News, Issue #002 - dangers of HRT
June 24, 2011

June 24nd 2011
Issue #004


A mid-summer Special Offer...

This 50% discount coupon - 1306235464 - is worth $14.85 on each and every tube of sunumbra® natural, organic sunscreen.

Is this in any way relevant to progesterone therapy?

Very definitely! Why? Because the majority of sunscreens contain chemical filters that are endocrine disruptors and or are strongly estrogenic.

sunumbra® is non toxic and relies exclusively on botanical extracts and zinc oxide to provide the highest protection (5 Star) against UVA rays and SPF30+ against UVB rays (broad spectrum).

If you need safe, effective sun protection this summer please take advantage of this limited offer by clicking here for further information or here to order directly.

Don't forget to copy the coupon first - 1306235464 - then just paste it into the coupon field on the order page and click the 'Recalculate' button.

To your good health,

Wray Whyte
Progesterone Therapy

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