Thank you for completing the questionnaire!

Here are your results...

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And here's what this means...

  1. if your 'Total value' is 10 or more there is a strong probability that you have a progesterone deficiency

  2. if your 'Total value' is less than 10 but more than 5 there is a probability that you have a progesterone deficiency

  3. if your 'Total value' is 5 or less it is improbable that you have a progesterone deficiency

So, what to do now?

Here's what I suggest...

  • if you fall under 1. above then 3 options are open to you...

    1. consult a health care practitioner with specific knowledge of progesterone therapy, or
    2. get your progesterone levels tested to confirm your questionnaire results (make sure this is a "saliva" test and not a "blood" test. Blood tests are invariably inaccurate or inconclusive), or
    3. apply progesterone cream yourself and monitor results. This option is simple, inexpensive and safe (progesterone, provided it is "natural", has no side effects whatever)

  • if you fall under 2. above then the same 3 options as for 1 are open to you

  • if you fall under 3. above then although the same 3 options are open to you it is unlikely that using supplemental progesterone will produce a significant improvement in your health

If you do decide the best course of action is to use supplemental progesterone then I've arranged for a 'Questionnaire Special price' to make it as easy and affordable as possible for you to find out if progesterone therapy will help you.

Full details of my recommended natural progesterone cream (Natpro) can be seen here (a new window will open).

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Here are the standard prices (excluding shipping)...

  • 1 dispenser of Natpro (100g/3.5oz/3,333mg progesterone) costs $42.90
  • 3 dispensers cost $39.50 each

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To your very good health,