Menopause - Why me?

by Susan

I started having night sweats a year ago. I am a 55 year old female who had a partial hysterectomy over 20 years ago. Uterus was removed, ovaries were left. I have done research on this and found that the ovaries will shrink up and disappear within 5 years. I have asked my doctor why I am going through menopause under these circumstances without getting a logical answer. Does anyone know why I would be going through menopause now?

The Natpro creme worked wonders and the night sweats disappeared. Sooo I thought I was done with it, fat chance though, the night sweats have returned along with hot flashes during the day. Not a good decision to go off the Natpro creme. I am back on it again and waiting for the miracle of wonders to happen. Hoping not to have to wait too much longer for some relief. This time the symptoms are 10 times worse than before.

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May 07, 2010
Menopause - Why me?
by: Wray

Hi Susan. I wish I could give you a 'logical' answer, but sometimes the ways of the body and how it behaves is beyond us! The ovaries do shrink, but this would have occurred 15 years ago with you. So logically you should have had some menopausal symptoms then. In fact many women get them immediately after a hyst, in spite of still having ovaries. I can only assume you were not making too much oestrogen then, and that now your level has increased. Our fat cells continue to make it to the day we die, again I can only assume these have increased your level. We do continue to make very small amounts of progesterone, in the brain, glial cells and adrenals. The adrenals make progesterone as it's the precursor to cortisol our stress hormone. So have you been having extra stress at the moment? Stress drops progesterone levels sharply. I'm pleased the Natpro has helped you, I hope it helps this time round! Incidentally progesterone helps with ageing, please see these papers...
Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3
Paper 4
Paper 5
Take care, Wray

Oct 02, 2015
im going threw the same thing?
by: Anonymous

Well minus the day hot flashes. I had a hyst. 15 years ago. At age 35. Now I'm going threw what I can only guess is metapause symptoms. Nausea, night sweats, breast pain. I don't want to take any meds, I wonder what a more natural way is to deal with this?

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