by Amy
(Salt Lake City, utah )

I was placed on 150 mg trochee of progesterone in June 2014. I felt ok on it but had breast tenderness. All of a sudden in September I had terrible breast swelling, tenderness and I was really sensitive and crying. My Dr told me to quit taking it for 2 weeks so I could do a saliva adrenal test as well as a hormone panel. Was I not on a high enough dose? I quit cold turkey and now I have terrible insomnia, sleeping only a couple hours a night. Is this due to stopping abruptly? I'm such a mess and I feel like my Dr is not super knowledgeable on how to help me?

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Sep 17, 2014
by: Pam

I have had insomnia since my hysterectomy. I feel your pain on this issue. I was given oral progesterone, and it did help. I took it only one month. My breast got so sore and tender, I had to stop taking it. It took 3 months for my breast to stop hurting. I don't know which med. you are on, but the oral was too much for me. The lowest amt. the pill came in was 100mgs. I have had to take Xanax for ever for sleep because of the hysterectomy. I was estrogen dominant, but I have tried just the progesterone creams and I get too thirsty. I don't know why, but I do. I hope you can get some help too. I do have adrenal insufficiency, but that was induced to a Dr. giving me too many steroid shots. I recommend not taking any steroids. It can shut your HPA axis down and you will have real trouble. The testing is a good idea. Testing done via blood needs to be done no later than 8 am. Saliva testing should help also.

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