High Progesterone and High Estrone

by Violet

Hello .. I came across your site today after looking for answers to my saliva results. These were done after blood results at the endocrinologist came back 'normal'.

After battling a serious lung condition for many years I started to feel exhausted all the time with no relief from sleep or naps. The fatigue was crushing. I recently had an iron infusion and a mega dose of d3 as both were low. I have also gained a substantial amount of weight; had hot flushes on and off and feel miserable .. Probably depressed, I'm just not sure.

Saliva results are as follows.

Progesterone (p4) - 3044.0 *H pmol /l
Androstenedione - 1.4 nmol/l
Testosterone - 30 pmol/l
Estradiol (e2) - 17 pmol/l
Estrone (e1) - 92 *H pg/ml
Estriol (e3) - 11 pg/ml
E3 - 0.10 *L
P4/E2 ratio 179.1 *H

Dhea/cortisol am - 0.87 *H

Also a diagnoses of adrenal fatigue.

I almost feel relieved to see these abnormal results. At least now I can work out how to fix it.

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