Coming off Wiley Protocol BHRT to something more managable

by Electra

Hello Wray, what a thrill to find your site. Even though I am in California it seems very hard to get good advise on BHRT.

I am at my wit's end with the Wiley Protocol! I am a 50 year old woman who has never missed a period and am probably perimenapausal. I have been taking the Wiley Protocol for 10 months for night sweats and face flushes. I also thought it might give me some "youth" back since my waist was getting thicker (per Suzanne Somers). I started with cream estrodial and progesterone, but I did not seem to be obsorbing the progesterone so I switched to bioidentical progesterone pills. Blood tests reflected that it worked. I have gained 30 pounds in less than a year and think that I may not need all that estrodial after reading your website. (If you are familiar with the Wiley protocol, I am on the "plus 3" dosage - two steps more estrodial than the starting dosage). Oh, I have all my parts, no children, and took birth control pills from about age 20-35.

I would like to get off of the Wiley and not sure how to do that. Cold turkey seems like a bad idea as I have spent 10 months getting my poor body adjusted to this. Wiley is expensive and high maintenance as doses change every day of the month according to cycle. How can I get off of this to something more managable - cheaper and not so complicated. Also, I no longer have health insurance so all those expensive blood tests are not an option any longer. Please help!

P. S. I would love to get pregnant if that were still a possibility and I haven't messed up my body too badly, but primarily I just want my health and figure back.

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Jan 26, 2011
Coming off Wiley Protocol BHRT to something more managable
by: Wray

Hi Electra Bless you for the kind words! I've had others who've written in who've had difficulty with the protocol too. Firstly it forces every woman into a 28 day cycle, as does the BCP. Our normal cycles vary from 21 to 35 days. The following paper shows the variation in the length of the follicular phase, when oestrogen is produced, see here. You'll notice they can range from 7 days, to as long as 59 days, which is not normal. So oestrogen does not peak on day 12, except for those with a 28 day cycle. A thick waist is due to excess oestrogen, see here. Oestrogen, (particularly oestradiol the most potent oestrogen) also causes Insulin Resistance, which leads to weight gain. Whether it comes from excess endogenous oestrogen, HRT or Contraceptives. I don't believe any woman needs more oestrogen, or testosterone which is often given. In fact the peri-menopausal/menopausal ovary is an androgen producing organ, see here. Cold turkey is a bad idea, far gentler on the body to come off slowly. I don't know how much progesterone you are currently getting, but I recommend 100-200mg/day dependant on symptoms. Is it possible to adjust your amount to somewhere in this range? At the same time begin to reduce the oestrogen. We do have a page on Coming off HRT. Please be aware that increasing progesterone can cause Oestrogen Dominance. If it does occur, using more progesterone speeds up the transition phase. You'll have to play around with the amount, it's very safe. I have women using 400-600mg/day for severe symptoms. You might like to see our page on Peri-menopause. Anovulation increases in frequency as we approach menopause, but if you still have viable eggs left, there is still a chance of Pregnancy. We run regular Saliva Tests, which prove that the cream is absorbed exceptionally well. Take care Wray

Jul 04, 2014
need to get off wiley...
by: Jillian

I am trying to come off the wiley prot. after being on it 4 years I am having horrible side effects. Migraines, bloat, weight gain, lethargy. any help would be great. only good thing was before I never slept. now I sleep better

Jan 20, 2016
alternative to Wiley?
by: Anonymous

Has anyone had success with keeping a cyclical hormone treatment per keeping your period, other than Wiley's high doses?

Jan 26, 2017
BHRT 13 years experience
by: Anonymous

My menopause began when I was around 50 (I'm now 67) and my doctor put me on synthetic HRT for my hot flashes etc. which gave me gallstones within six months and I had my gallbladder removed. I was very thin at the time and did not eat greasy food, but ER doctor informed me that gallstones were a side effect of synthetic HRT. I went off the synthetic HRT and the symptoms returned worse than before.

I happened upon the Wiley book (Sex, Lies & Menopause) in a bookstore and decided to try the Wiley Protocol. My gynecologist at Kaiser agreed to read it too. I got a lot of blood tests, and prescribed the BHRT creams which I got filled at an outside pharmacy that gave me the jars of estradiol and progesterone and the syringes which I filled myself to save money. For years it was working great. I got a period every month, though never the 5 day bleed the Wiley protocol says is essential. Usually I'd have two days and some spotting. I increased both the estrogen and progesterone doses to promote bigger longer bleeds, but almost never got there. Occasionally I had clots and my M.D. did a D&C to make sure there was not a problem.

I continued on for 13 years, sleeping great, feeling great, my skin young. But then I stopped getting any bleeding and my doctor recommended that I stop because of increased risk of estrogen related cancer. So I weaned off but I guess not gradually enough Feb 2016 and insomnia, sweats & chills came back with a vengeance. I read a Canadian study about 300 mg oral progesterone decreasing hot flashes and I started on it about 2 months ago. They have decreased about 50%, but still waking up several times a night, and I have terrible vaginal dryness and pain with intercourse. I miss sleeping and pain free sex. My friend uses an Estring and I think I may try this. Anyway, that's my story.

Apr 17, 2017
Need NYC doctor
by: Anonymous

I need a NYC Whiley Protocol doctor.

My doctor stopped prescribing it and I had never felt better.

Can anyone help me?!!!

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